Whites Original 2023

White’s Original Ashcombe Cider – 4% ABV Organic Devon Cider

A delicious, slightly sparkling cider, medium-dry with a crisp apple taste. 4.5% ABV. Made from apples and nothing else.

Ashcombe has a long tradition of making cider. The last professional cider makers were the White family from the late 19th century up until the 1950’s. During World War 2 a soldier returned with White’s Ashcombe Cider for the officer’s mess. The ensuing party was so wild that Ashcombe Cider was officially ‘banned’ in perpetuity by the British Army

Ashcombe cider making was reborn in 2012 the White’s orchards restored and new facilities created. Please don’t tell the M.O.D

This award-winning organic cider is from hand-picked apples in orchards established by the Whites. We don’t over-process our cider so there may be a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

Gratton’s Gold Ashcombe Cider – 3.5% ABV Organic Devon Cider

Gratton’s Gold is a slightly sparking organic cider. 4.5% ABV with a taste of apples and fruit. A traditional Farm cider

Gratton’s Gold is our driest cider. Named after Peter Gratton who looked after the Ashcombe Cider orchard for 59 years after the Whites Family had ceased farming. Peter married Val from Park Lane SW1.  they farmed, milked cows, raised their children (and point-to-point horses) for many happy years during their lives in Ashcombe.

One of the last of the “Gentlemen Farmers”, Peter passed away in 2013 a year after his retirement.

This cider is made from hand-picked apples and nothing else. Not over-processed so you might find little sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

St Nectar Ashcombe Cider – 4% ABV Organic Devon Cider

A slightly sparkling, 4.5% ABV, medium organic cider with a fruity taste and clean finish. St Nectar cider won a Gold Medal at the Taste of the West 2022 Awards and first prize at the Devon County Show 2021. Ironically it beat White’s Original into second place, but it’s a matter of personal opinion we always say

The ancient orchards are near to Ashcombe’s 12th Century St Nectan’s Church. We just couldn’t let the cows eat all the ripe cider apples, so Ashcombe’s heritage of cider making was reborn in 2012.

The legend of holy man St Nectan: In 510AD he pursued thieves who had stolen his cattle. Unfortunately they cut off his head. He then picked up his head and walked home to die (which was quite an impressive feat) It is said that wherever his blood drops fell, foxgloves grew. 

You will see foxgloves on the cider label too.

Ashcombe Winter Warmer – Mulled Cider

Is cider excusively a summertime drink? Not really, but our Winter Warmer Mulled Cider is the ideal way to enjoy a festive tipple.

The unique creation of Ashcombe Cider-Meister Peter the Winter Warmer is made with Ashcombe apple juice, cider, Cointreau, lemon and sugar and spice! 

A very limited production of 750ml bottles. 7.5% ABV

Ashcombe Organic Apple Juice

Our organic apple juice is the sweetness behind our ciders, we don’t use any sugar in White’s Original, St Nectar and Gratton’s Gold Ashcombe Ciders, just our own dessert apple juice.

The organic apple juice is delicious made from only our hand-picked organic dessert apples on the estate.

limited production of 750ml bottles.

Ashcombe Ciders have won awards when entered into competitions. 

St Nectar was awarded a Gold at the 2022 Taste of the west. 

In 2021 White’s Original won a Silver at ToTW. Also in 2021 St Nectar and White’s Original respectively won first and second at the Devon County Show. In 2015 White’s Original won Gold at ToTW and has also been highly commended before that.

The cider is not a homogenised (dare we say ‘insipid’) product recreating exactly the same drink year-in-year out. Each year is a new vintage from our orchard’s old English apples. We carefully and thoughtfully blend each production to create authentic small batch organic ciders. These are benchmarked against their peers and tested against the best.

Ashcombe Cider is produced in-house at The Ashcombe Ciderworks.

Ashcombe Cider is available from the Ashcombe Ciderworks by appointment or from several stockists including:

Join us for an exclusive Ashcombe Estate Orchards Cider Tastings at Greendale Farm Shop on 22nd August from 5-8pm. Meet the Cidermeister, try the various ciders we produce and perhaps even some that can’t be bought.

Greendale Farm Shop has been a big supporter and retailer of Ashcombe Cider. The shop has a great range of local products and our cider is featured in their “30 products under 30 miles” promotion. Our Cider Works are located 14 miles from The Farm Shop.

Greendale Ashcombe Cider